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Amazon’s latest Echo Show 8 is at its lowest price ever for Prime members

Prime members can save 40% on this smart home hub before the New Year.

Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen, 2023)

$90 $150 Save $60

The latest version of the Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s best one yet, bringing on improved audio, a faster processor, and better compatibility with your smart home devices. It’s a fantastic choice in smart hubs that gives you instant access to Alexa.

If you want a smart hub that doubles as a great speaker for your music and streaming needs, Amazon’s latest Echo Show 8 is a top-tier option and is now available for $90 if you’re a Prime member. Considering the device is only a few months old and this is – by far – the best price we’ve seen for it, we suggest you sign up for Prime if you’re not already or even opt for a free, 30-day trial to take advantage of this great deal.


Why you’ll love the Amazon Echo Show 8

Making its initial debut in 2017, Amazon Echo Show 8 is now on its third iteration, which was introduced during 2023 “techtober.” And while we’ve seen discounts on this device before, it’s never been this budget-friendly. When we reviewed and compared this device to previous versions, the new model has a refreshed design with a curved mesh-covered back. The new back also aids the device in providing better sound whether when listening to music or for Alexa’s responses.

The camera is placed in the center of the upper bezel and features a privacy slider that you can use if you want to ensure there’s no way the device will snoop on you. On the other hand, the camera is useful because it will analyze how far from the device you are and make the icons larger and simpler to see thanks to the Adaptive Content feature.


Amazon Echo Show 8 review: Fresh new looks, same Alexa experience

Hitting that sweet spot between size and functionality, the Echo Show 8 is a tempting choice for those with an Alexa smart home.

From most of our testing and research, we’ve found that the Echo Show thrives for four main purposes. The first is to bother Alexa with various questions about the weather and whatever other tasks you want. The second is to pull up video footage from your smart cams, including your video doorbell. And the third is to use it as a smart speaker so you can play your Spotify playlists while you do chores. Oh, and we’ll all use the device as a smart photo frame. Of course, if you want to go for the Echo Show 8 Photos Edition (also on sale for $100 right now), that’s also an option, giving you more cloud storage space for all your pics.

So, regardless of the way you plan on using the Amazon Echo Show 8, now’s the best time to add one to your cart.

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