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Best AirPods accessories 2024

With these cases, chargers, and lanyards, your AirPods will be even easier to use.

Much like the white headphones they effectively replaced, AirPods are instantly recognizable and designed to work well with other Apple products. With a bunch of custom features built on top of wireless Bluetooth audio, and several sizes to choose from, AirPods have made listening to things on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac as simple as putting in some earbuds.


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But even if they sound great out of the box, that doesn’t mean the right accessory can’t make using them that much more enjoyable. No product, not even Apple’s extra-thoughtfully designed ones, is one size fits all. Your AirPods might not feel right in your ear, their case might get scratched easily, or you might run into a situation where a simple Bluetooth connection isn’t enough. That’s when accessories step in to make up the difference, and we think the collection below has something for everyone.

  • A rounded black rectangle with button on the front and a headphone jack on the top

    Twelve South AirFly Pro

    Best overall AirPods accessory

    Designed for using your AirPods in the traditionally wired headphone-environment of airplanes, the Twelve South AirFly Pro works just as well for transmitting audio to your earbuds, as it does when receiving audio you’re transmitting from somewhere else. With over 25 hours of battery life, it will be able to do it for a while, too.

  • A black cord attached to two AirPods stuck together.

    Cobbcob Magnetic AirPods Strap

    Best affordable AirPods accessory

    The Cobbcob Magnetic AirPods Strap is croakies for your AirPods. If you’ve ever worried about losing an earbud while running, you can attach them to this strap, and they’ll dangle around your neck rather than fall on the ground. This pair can also magnetically attach together, so they don’t get tangled.

  • A balck wireless charging pad with an iPhone and an AirPods Pro case sitting on it.

    Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with MagSafe

    Best premium AirPods accessory

    $76 $80 Save $4

    Belkin makes plenty of great charging accessories and the BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Pad is the simplest way to always wake up with your phone and AirPods charged. It can charge iPhones with 15W fast charging thanks to MagSafe, and top up your AirPods at 5W.

  • A grey carrying case with silver AirPods Max sitting in it.

    ProCase Hard Carrying Case with Sleep Mode Cover

    Best case for AirPods Max

    $30 $38 Save $8

    The ProCase Hard Carrying Case upgrades the default AirPods Max case. It includes a “Sleep Mode Cover” that you can use as a backup for your Smart Case, and a hard case that can wrap around your AirPods Max entirely. Protection and style in one package.

  • An AirPod Pro earbud with foam tips.

    Comply AirPods Pro Foam Ear Tips

    Best replacement AirPods Pro tips

    The Comply Foam Ear Tips are a much more moldable and comfortable alternative to the tips Apple ships with the AirPods Pro. The Comply tips are a fantastic fix because they’re made from a memory foam that shapes to the inside of your ears, even if they only last for a few months at a time.

  • A purple speckled case on an AirPods Pro case that's open.

    OtterBox Core Series Case for AirPods Pro

    Best AirPods Pro case

    The OtterBox Core Series Case for AirPods Pro extends protection to your wireless earbuds. The grippy, colorful case is able to protect your AirPods from bumps and scratches without cutting off access to their ports or speaker. It’s a slim case overall, and made from 50% recycled material, and should offer some added peace of mind.

  • A grey lanyard.

    Incase AirPods Pro Lanyard

    Best lanyard strap for AirPods Pro

    The Incase AirPods Pro Lanyard might cost too much for what it is, but its simple design makes it look good, and keeps your wireless earbuds secure whether they’re around your wrist or tied to your backpack.

  • An AirPod with a skin with a wing attached.

    Proof Labs AirPods Hooks

    Best wing tips for AirPods

    $16 $20 Save $4

    A lot of wireless and wired earbuds use “wings” to keep themselves firmly planted in your ear. The Proof Labs AirPods Hooks or “GripTips” are for anyone who’s used to those and struggling with Apple’s decidedly round and smooth AirPods. The hook keeps them in your ears, and they’re treated, so they’re antibacterial too.

Can AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) use 1st Generation cases?

It depends. Despite largely looking the same and being the same size, the case of the 2nd generation AirPods Pro includes different components and features than the first generation. Namely, speaker cutouts and a slot for a lanyard, along with the Lightning or USB-C port. You can cover all of them with an old AirPods Pro case and still find it useful — all waterproof cases will do this — but you might not want to if you’re trying to take advantage of all the new parts of the AirPods Pro (2nd Generation). How else will you hear the case ringing when you look for it with the Find My app?



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Unfortunately, yes. While you can technically charge your AirPods with the case lid open, it’s not particularly convenient and most add-ons to the AirPods themselves would probably get in the way of them charging. For the smoothest charging experience, pull those Proof Labs GripTips off and unhook your AirPods from their strap. It’s annoying, but it’s going to be what works the best and charges them the fastest.

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