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Dreaming of wireless Android Auto? Now is the time to get this popular car adapter

Picture this: you’ve just hopped into your vehicle and you have to get home quickly, but you’ll need directions. First, you have to fetch your device’s connection cable from the glove box because leaving it hanging out can catch the eye of potential thieves. Now you’re fumbling to plug in your phone, type in directions, and find a spot for your device without the cable getting in your way.

You wedge your phone upside down into a cup holder with the cable sticking up and trailing across to the dashboard, obstructing your reach every time you grab your coffee. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way; wired technology is becoming obsolete and there are options to avoid this frustrating scenario.

If you’re tired of dealing with cables and plugs just to use Android Auto in your vehicle, there is a simple solution that only requires a one-time setup: the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter. And Christmas comes early for Android Auto users: this popular adapter comes with a 20 – 25% discount from 14 to 20 December.


AAWireless is a simple adapter that plugs into your vehicle’s USB port, acting as a middleman between your phone and your Android Auto interface on your car’s display screen. The device remains plugged into your vehicle so that you’ll never need to physically connect your phone to a cable again. Get in and your device is automatically connected via Bluetooth and ready to go.

Fast forward to after you purchase the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter, and this entire scene of irritating cables and awkward phone placement is simplified. After a simple one-time setup of the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter, you’ll never need to plug in your phone again, you can keep it anywhere in your vehicle, and the dedicated AAWireless app helps you customise features within Android Auto and maintain firmware updates.


Best overall Android Auto Adapter

Last October, Pocket-lint rated AAWireless as the best Android Auto adapter. Here’s why:

  1. It has one of the highest car compatibility rates as it is already used in more than 10,000 different types of vehicles. If your vehicle supports wired Android Auto, then it can support AAWireless.
  2. Unlike most of the competition, it has a companion app to give you more features, troubleshooting, and more importantly, the ability to update its firmware and remain compatible with any future version of Android Auto.
  3. The small square design and slender profile make it easy to nestle the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter into a permanent spot in your vehicle without getting in the way. It’s a subtle addition with a huge impact on your everyday life.
  4. Even after you purchase your AAWireless adapter, the company provides excellent support through Amazon or its dedicated Slack channel.

And a bonus reason: it’s more affordable than ever during the Christmas sale at AAWireless with a 20% discount on Amazon UK and 25% off on the official webshop.

Great customer reviews

With over 200,000 users in 135 countries, the European-made and -designed Android Auto Adapter has been a consistent Amazon best seller in the US, the UK, and Germany, with thousands of five-star reviews on Trustpilot. Customers love the simplicity of the AAWireless setup, its sleek, compact design, and the free, dedicated app that improves compatibility through firmware updates and bug fixes

Watch the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter in action

See for yourself how easy it is to use the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter.

Simple setup for easy everyday use

Setting up the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter is a one-time event that only requires two steps: plug the device into your vehicle’s USB port using the USB cable included in the box, and then connect your phone to the AAWireless adapter via Bluetooth. After this, your phone will always automatically connect to Android Auto, no matter where it is in your vehicle.

From there, you have access to Android Auto on your car’s display screen, even if you’ve tossed your purse into the back seat with your phone inside, or your phone is still tucked in the back pocket of your jeans.

A man connects to his AAWireless Android Auto Adapter


Made in Europe by passionate developers

The AAWireless Android Auto Adapter was meticulously designed by a group of developers in The Netherlands and manufactured by dedicated workers in Hungary for a premium, high-tech product. This was an important decision for the Dutch company in its efforts to improve the overall product quality, stay close to the production process, and to cut distribution costs.

Once you’re connected, you’ll have access to your apps directly on your car’s display screen. This includes voice command, so getting where you need to go can be as simple as getting into your vehicle and saying, “Hey, Google. Navigate to my home.” You can also access the other apps that you may frequently use while driving, such as Spotify, text messaging, phone calls, and more.

Contents from the AAWireless Android Auto Adapter box


Save 20-25% during the Christmas sale

With Christmas around the corner, AAWireless is throwing a sale from 14 to 20 December with an impressive 25% discount on its webshop (20% off on Amazon UK). It’s the lowest price that it’s ever been, so don’t miss this one-time opportunity to live the wireless lifestyle and enjoy cable-free Android Auto technology in your car.

This is a sponsored post. The product choices and opinions expressed in this article are from the sponsor and do not reflect the editorial direction of Pocket-lint or its staff.

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