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EDGAR Stool: A Sustainable Seating Concept From Electronic Packaging Waste

Made by designer Razeen Mohammed, the EDGAR Stool is a conceptual, portable seating solution designed with a focus on sustainability and minimal resource usage. Created from waste materials generated during the production of electronic appliances and adhesives, the stool aims to address the growing concern of electronic packaging waste.

The concept, developed at a remarkably low cost of around $0.29 for prototyping, emphasizes the importance of creating functional products with reduced environmental impact.

The stool’s two-legged design adds an element of portability, allowing users to easily carry it around. While the low cost and eco-friendly approach make it an innovative idea, questions arise about its stability and weight-bearing capacity.

The renders and photos of the product do not provide clear insights into its ability to support the weight of an average adult, and its comfort level may be a consideration, particularly for those with a larger build.

The EDGAR Stool highlights the creative potential of repurposing electronic packaging waste into everyday objects, contributing to a more sustainable approach to product design. However, practical considerations regarding stability and comfort would need to be addressed for it to become a viable and widely adopted solution.

The concept serves as a commendable effort to rethink the use of materials and resources in everyday items, encouraging a shift towards more environmentally conscious design practices.

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