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These smart scales measure more than just weight, with BMI, muscle mass, and other health metrics tracked right on your smartphone.

From refrigerators to thermostats, every home appliance seems to be getting a smart upgrade these days. And few are as useful for monitoring your health as the smart scale. These devices might look like your standard bathroom scales, but they’re actually far more advanced.


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Indeed, smart scales aren’t only useful for precise weight measurements. They can also estimate your body fat percentage, BMI, muscle mass, bone density, heart rate, and more. Better yet, they allow you to track all that data right from your smartphone (hence the “smart” part of the name). That way, you can build a health profile to monitor your progress over time.

The team here at Pocket-lint is composed of tech experts, and we know smart gadgets like the back of our hands. Together, we drew from our personal experience and expertise to compile this list of the best smart scales on the market.

Best smart scales: Our top picks

  • Inevifit Eros Smart Scale

    Inevifit Eros Smart Scale

    Best overall smart scale

    The Inevifit Eros has everything we look for in a smart scale and more. It syncs seamlessly to smartphones and uses the Eros Scale app to track health data. That data draws from 13 different metrics, including metabolic age, BMI, and muscle mass, to create a robust health profile. And if you prefer other health apps like Apple Health or Google Fit, the Inevifit Eros is widely compatible. There are cheaper options out there, but this price is a steal for such an accurate, powerful scale.

  • Fitbit Aria Air Smart Scale

    Fitbit Aria Air

    Most user friendly smart scale

    $40 $50 Save $10

    Fitbit had a head start on smart health tools, and the Aria Air puts all their innovations in one place. Using it is a breeze, with user-friendly controls and extremely reliable hardware. It’s a fantastic option for those who want something simple, but the Fitbit app also offers plenty of advanced tools should you want to branch out. That includes extremely accurate measurements like BMI, as well as intuitive graphs and presets. It’s easy to use yet powerful enough for anybody.

  • Fitindex Smart Scale

    Fitindex Smart Scale

    Best on a budget

    $22 $30 Save $8

    It’s hard to believe the price of this powerful-yet-affordable option from Fitindex. With 13 body measurements, reliable accuracy, and compatibility with nearly every popular health app, it’s a high-end scale for a super-low price. It’s also surprisingly responsive and quick. Simply load up your app, step onto the scale, and let the tech do the rest. Fitindex has its own health app as well, with an ease-of-use that rivals that of big-name developers like Google and Apple.

  • Withings Body Scan Smart Scale

    Withings Body Scan

    Best premium smart scale

    There’s a reason the Withings Body Scan smart scale comes at a premium. Its advanced hardware is capable of conducting a 90-second “full health check-up.” That includes insights into cardiovascular health, like vascular age. It even analyzes sweat glands to estimate your EDA score, letting you track your stress levels. It’s the perfect smart scale for anyone seeking to monitor their health comprehensively. The Withings Body Scan earns its premium price thanks to its premium capabilities.

  • Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale

    Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale

    Best smart scale for athletes

    Garmin is a big name in smart health tech, and the Index S2 smart scale keeps their reputation alive. It’s especially effective when paired with the Garmin Connect account, giving athletes a huge upgrade to their smartwatch data. It also offers useful graphs and tools for analyzing your health trends, so it’s a boon for folks focusing on their progress over time. Best of all, the Index S2 boasts some of the highest accuracy and ease-of-setup that you can find.

  • Eufy P2 Pro Smart Scale

    Eufy P2 Pro Smart Scale

    Most health measurements

    The Eufy P2 Pro measures 16 different metrics, delivering a comprehensive health overview in a flash. The list includes BMI, muscle mass, and accurate body fat estimates. And once it collects all that data, you can view a 3D virtual model of yourself within the EufyLife App. It’s really nifty. But if you want to use a different health app, you can easily sync your data with other apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. It’s a powerful scale with the most health metrics you can hope for.

  • Renpho Smart Scale

    Renpho Elis 1 Smart Scale

    Best value for the price

    $24 $35 Save $11

    The Elis 1 smart scale from Renpho is far more powerful than its low price might suggest. With 13 body composition measurements and wide compatability, it’s a fantastic pick for both Apple and Android users alike. It’s also noticeably accurate, as the health data tracks over time with reliability and precision. In addition, the Elis 1 is exceptionally stylish. It looks awesome in bathrooms and the simple-yet-effective display is bright and easy to read.

  • Etekcity FSA HSA Smart Scale

    Etekcity Smart Scale

    Best accuracy

    This pick from Etekcity is another fantastic overall option, and its strong suit is accuracy. The secret is in an ITO-coating on the plate that gives the sensors all the surface area they need to measure with precision. The high-quality design is also apparent in the color display. Control it via the VeSync health app to peruse 14 different health metrics. Once all that accurate data is measured, you can sync it with other health apps, too, including both Apple and Android devices.

How do smart scales measure things like BMI and muscle mass?

The technology behind these measurements is simple yet brilliant. A small electrical pulse is sent through your feet, and the scale measures the resistance as it travels through your body. Higher resistance means a higher body fat percentage, while water and muscle generate less resistance. Thus, the scale is able to calculate your body fat composition using little more than a painless electrical pulse.

Similarly, though, you may have to enter some details into the app, you can acalcuate other factors. It’s similar to the way smartwatches calculate things like calories burned. If you provide data like height, age, and sex, you can unlock other measurements as well. The Eufy P2 Pro, for example, offers a whopping 16 different measurements and even has a 3D Virtual Body Mode that lets you explore your body composition.

Are smart scales accurate?

Today’s digital scales are exceptionally accurate in measuring weight. Many have a margin of error in the realm of 1/100th of a pound, so it’s small enough to not even appear on the scale’s display (most smart scale displays only go down to the tenths place). However, the other metrics that smart scales provide are estimates, since they use algorithms based on a variety of data points.

That being said, these estimates are considered “highly accurate.” Every smart scale model and app will have its own degree of precision, and there are a vast number of factors that influence the calculation. To maximize your scale’s accuracy, make sure to enter your data into the app accurately and update it frequently. If you enter your height an inch off, for example, it can throw a monkey wrench into the algorithm.


How accurate is Fitbit’s calorie burn counter?

Ever wonder how accurate your Fitbit calorie burn counter is or even how it compares to Apple Watch’s ability to track calories? Well, it depends.

Thus, the measurements that smart scales provide aren’t accurate enough to please a nutritional scientist, but they’re still sufficiently reliable for monitoring your health with confidence. Consider them reference points in your health journey. The health apps that go along with these smart scales are powerful tools and well-worth adding to your fitness toolkit.

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