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Forget the Xbox Series X fridge, the Series S toaster is here to eat its lunch

It looks like an Xbox Series S but it’ll toast your bread as well.


Key Takeaways

  • The Xbox Series S toaster is now available for purchase on Walmart’s website for $39.99, featuring two slices at once and six shade settings.
  • This toaster is not only functional but also imprints the iconic Xbox sphere logo on each slice of bread, making it a must-have for fans.
  • Unlike the Xbox fridge, the Series S toaster is readily available for online ordering, although no in-store pickup is currently offered.

Not only is the Xbox Series S a pretty great game console, especially for those on a budget, but it turns out that it’s also pretty handy at turning bread into toast. Who knew? Well, nobody, but you can now buy a toaster that looks very much like an Xbox Series S so really, who’s laughing now?

The toaster in question follows on from the very popular Xbox fridge that looked like the monolith that is the Xbox Series X. With the fridge proving to be such a must-have item for gamers everywhere it was surely only a matter of time before Microsoft and Xbox turned their attention to its smaller cousin — and if you look at your own Xbox Series S, what kitchen hardware does it most look like? You got it — a toaster.

One slice or two?

The new Xbox Series S Toaster has made its debut alongside other more traditional toasters on Walmart’s website for the rather reasonable price of $39.99. You can buy one of your very own and when you do you’ll get a toaster that can brown two slices at the same time and features six different shade settings. Other features include a wide bread guide that’s also self-centering and can accommodate things like bagels when needed. And use, it can also warm bread that’s frozen as well. We know you were wondering. There’s a digital readout that tells you when your toast is going to be done, too.

But all of that pales by comparison when you note that the toaster “imprints iconic Xbox sphere logo on bread for the ultimate slice of fandom.” That’s right, each slice of toast that comes out of this thing will have the Xbox logo on it. That’s beyond cool, and well worth the $40 price of admission alone.

Unlike the Xbox fridge at its own launch, the Series S toaster appears to be readily available and you can order one from Walmart’s website with ease. There’s no sign of an in-store pickup, however, so you’ll have to order online.

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