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FX’s Grotesquerie Gives Ryan Murphy a New Horror Canvas

Image: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP (Getty Images)

Since 2009, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has had one foot in the horror door with FX’s American Horror Story. That series has since gone on for 12 seasons and birthed its own spinoff, while Murphy himself has been busier with other projects like Dahmer and The Watcher for Netflix. If that weren’t enough Murphy for you, the always-busy filmmaker has found time for another yet another series to add to his filmography.

On Friday, Murphy revealed he’s started production on a new show for FX (longtime home of the American Horror franchise and the upcoming American Sports Story, which he’s producing). Titled Grotesquerie, the show will star recurring Murphy actors Niecy Nash-Betts and Courtney B. Vance, along with The Crown’s Lesley Manville. As far as the show’s premise and other cast are concerned, we’re in the dark—all we have to currently go on is Nash-Betts’ narration in the Instagram video below.

“I don’t know what’s started,” she begins. “I can’t put my finger on it. But it’s different now. There’s been a shift. It’s like something’s opening up in the world. A kind of hole to the center of nothingness.”

AHS has played with different types of horror over the years, from slashers and ghosts to aliens and demon babies. It makes Grotesquerie’s vibes hard to pin down from this small tease: “Something’s happening around us, and nobody sees it but me,” continues Nash-Betts. “What I saw today — they sent shrinks for everyone who worked this crime scene. […] Come back. It’s not getting better. And I keep needing to hear your answers, because something’s happening around us, and nobody sees but me.”

Grotesquerie will hit FX sometime in the fall.

[via Deadline]

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