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Give your desk space a lift this new year

Laptop stands are a great accessory for productivity as they add tilt to your laptop for easier typing and height, so you’re not slouched over staring at the screen. Plus, by lifting your laptop off of the desk, it helps the laptop generate more airflow, which can help cool it down.


Best Mac laptop stands: Elevate your workspace

The best laptop stands can help in a number of ways, including ergonomics and keeping your Mac cool.

With various laptop stand options, there are tons of copycat designs out there along with stands that are made for specific products like MacBooks or Chromebooks. We took a look around and have a list of some pretty outstanding laptop stands for you to check out to give your workspace an elevated feel.

Twelve South Curve

Twelve South Curve

1. Best laptop stand overall

If you can’t decide what to get, then get this

$50 $60 Save $10

The Twelve South Curve is a rock solid starting point for laptop stands. It holds up to 15-inch laptops with no problems and even some smaller 17-inch laptops. You get good height and tilt as well in a sleek, one-piece design.


  • Slick design that should fit well in most offices
  • Silicone protection in all high-use areas prevent laptop scratches
  • Keeps most of the underside exposed for better cooling

The Twelve South Curve is one of Pocket-lint’s favorite tried and tested laptop stands, notable for its hefty and rugged build and sleek design. It holds laptops up to 15.6-inches without problems and even some 17-inch laptops provided that they aren’t too bulky like you see on gaming laptops. It utilizes a one-piece aluminum design that feels sturdy when in use. Additionally, the Curve lifts laptops six inches off the ground at a reasonable angle for good ergonomics.

Best laptop stands Elevate your working comfort with these laptop raisers image 2

This is one of those fire-and-forget-it kind of products. It should work on most office desks and in most use-cases. You can even pair it with a keyboard and mouse. The laptop display will be high enough so that you’re not hunched over your desk. However, if the tilt or height isn’t good for you, you’ll have to look elsewhere because this stand does not adjust.

Twelve South Curve Flex

Twelve South Curve Flex

2. Best adjustable laptop stand

It doesn’t get much better than this

The Twelve South Curve Flex is everything its less expensive sibling is, except this one gives you the option to adjust the height and tilt of your laptop, adding even more egonomics at an admittedly higher price.


  • Essentially the same benefits as the normal Twelve South Curve
  • Adjust between two and 11 inches in height
  • Fits laptops up to seven pounds, which is most laptops

  • Pricier than its simpler sibling

If you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks on something a bit more customizable, the Twelve South Curve Flex has it all. You get the same premium materials, anti-slip silicone padding to prevent scratches, and an overall delightful aesthetic. This one adds adjustability from two inches to 11 inches, ensuring that your laptop is at the correct height all the time. It also holds up to seven pounds, which is more than the vast majority of laptops.


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All the extra features come at a cost, though, and in this case, we mean that literally. The Curve Flex is about $20 more expensive than its less complex sibling.That’s asking a lot for a piece of metal that holds your laptop in place. However, if you have the scratch, it’s definitely worth it.

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

3. Best vertical laptop stand

For the people who use exernal monitors

$25 $40 Save $15

The Macally Vertical Laptop Stand is for people who want to keep their laptops closed, but still on the desk. The design allows for good cooling without looking ridiculous.


  • Minimal design that comes in two colors
  • Adjustable to fit virtually any laptop
  • Open design helps faciliate better cooling

  • While any laptop can use it, it’s clearly made for MacBooks specifically

It’s really nice when you stumble upon a product that checks most of the “wants” off of your wish list. The Macally Vertical Laptop Stand is just that. It’s adjustable, which means its ready to use for any laptop, and the weighted base and steel materials promise to keep your laptop upright no matter how it’s oriented. Plus, we like that it comes in darker gray along with silver to match your desktop appearance.


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It’s blatantly obvious that this is designed for MacBooks, as the color options match the two most popular MacBook colors almost perfectly, but you can use it for other PCs. However, that’s more of a nitpick than a genuine complaint. The design covers a minimal amount of your laptop’s underbelly, which means it helps keep the laptop as cool as it can be. That’s it, really, it’s simple, as it ought to be.

Rain Design mBar Pro Plus

Rain Design mBar Pro+

4. Best minimal laptop stand

The one you can fold up and take with you almost anywhere

$60 $65 Save $5

The Rain Design mBar Pro+ is arguably the best minimal laptop stand on the market. It folds up to almost nothing, which makes it super portable. It also holds laptops pretty well.


  • Elevates laptops 5.5-inches, but folds down to about half an inch wide
  • Comes with a carrying sleeve for travel purposes
  • Completely open bottom helps cooling

  • The two color options once again only match MacBooks
  • It should hold most smaller laptops, but bigger laptops might be top heavy

If you’re looking for a stand that adds subtle sophistication without any bulk, the Rain Design mBar Pro+ is a great option. Additionally, it’s also arguably the best travel laptop stand on the list. When you’re not using it, it folds down and tucks away in a bag easier than any other stand on the list. Rain Design also includes a carrying pouch for that very purpose.


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Like other laptop stands on this list and the market, its metallic and simple colors were made intentionally to match that of MacBoooks’ sleek and minimal appearance, but it will still fit other PCs. The only other drawback is that while it’ll hold most 15-inch laptops without issue, we believe that 17-inch or larger laptops will cause the stand to become too top-heavy and cause wobble. Otherwise, functionally speaking, this is extremely serviceable for folks who want all the benefits of a laptop stand without the constant and bulking reminder that it’s there.

Birdrock Home Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray

Birdrock Home Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray

5. Best laptop tray

Imagine eating breakfast and using your laptop on the same tray

$29 $50 Save $21

The Birdrock Home Bamboo Laptop Tray is more of a bed tray than a stand, but it’s made specifically for laptops. It even has a piece that tilts up so you can see and use your laptop easier.


  • Two delightful wood colors matched with a timeless design
  • The left edge tilts up for better laptop usability
  • Includes an extra storage drawer on the side and space for a mouse

  • The flat surface means it won’t do your cooling any favors
  • This is something you use on a couch or in a bed, not at your desk

The Birdrock Home Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray is a great option if you plan on sitting on the couch, a chair, or in bed while using your laptop. It works as a standard bed tray when your laptop isn’t there, so you can still eat or write while using it. Plus, the stand includes a piece that tilts up specifically for laptop use. It also comes in two colors, which the brand calls natural wood and walnut.

Unlike the other stands on the list, this one isn’t for desk use, and that may mean skipping it if you’re looking for one you can use on your desk. Other than that, there isn’t really anything wrong with it. It’s made of wood, so it doesn’t necessarily impede laptop cooling any more than your actual desk. Otherwise, this is a solid product with multiple potential uses.

Cooler Master Notepal U2 Plus V2

Cooler Master Notepal U2 Plus V2

6. Best laptop stand for big laptops

Fits most 17-inch laptops with minimal overhang

The Cooler Master Notepal U2 Plus V2 is technically a laptop cooler, but it also performs the function of a laptop stand. The extra cooling helps temperatures and it’s actually big enough for 17-inch laptops.


  • Actually fits most larger laptops
  • The extra cooling really helps temperatures
  • Simple design is easy to clean and move

  • Not the sleekest design
  • Not adjustable

The Cooler Master Notepal U2 Plus V2 is a mouthful for such a simple product. This laptop stand is essentially a single piece of metal with two detachable fans on the bottom that plug in to your laptop’s USB port. It doesn’t lift the laptop off of the desk all that much, but it does rest it at a 12-degree angle, so it’s more ergonomic than just laying it flat. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust the height at all.

What this stand does excel at is holding larger laptops.

I use this for my 17-inch laptop, and it holds it just fine with no appreciable overhang. Most other laptop stands and coolers say they can, but there’s so much overhang that it doesn’t look or feel right. This one actually has the surface area to handle it, and comes with two optional cooling fans to boot.

Tonmom Laptop Stand

Tonmom Laptop Stand

7. Best budget laptop stand

Elevation on a budget

$8 $19 Save $11

The Tonmom Laptop Stand isn’t the most unique or original laptop stand on the list. However, it gets the job done for under $20 while also still being adjustable.


  • Fits up to 15-inch laptops
  • Adjustable legs lets you customize tilt
  • Comes in three colors, including a snazzy purple color

  • It’s a copycat product that many brands sell on Amazon
  • Doesn’t adjust height, only tilt

The Tonmom Laptop Stand is simple, lightly customizable, and budget-friendly. You can adjust the tilt by moving the legs out of the holes on the stand and putting them in a different set of holes. The back is opened up nicely to allow for good air flow, and it’ll hold small and medium-sized laptops without much issue.

This is a copycat product, and you can probably find 20 or 30 of these on Amazon if you look around. Honestly, they’re all essentially the same manufacturer and are just branded differently. Even so, this is the best of the budget bunch. The build quality is pretty good for its price tag and the tilt adjusts from 13-degrees to 44-degrees, which should suit most people. Yes, it’s a cheap copycat device from Amazon, but sometimes they’re actually good products.

MoKo Universal Laptop Stands

MoKo Universal Laptop Stands

8. Best full laptop stand alternative

For the people who don’t need a whole stand

Sometimes you don’t need something as severe as a whole stand for your laptop. For those instances, the MoKo Universal Laptop Stands are a good option. They pop in and out from under your laptop as needed without taking up hardly any desk space.


  • Gives you a very small tilt instead of a big one
  • Pops in and out from under your laptop instantly
  • Less expensive than a full laptop stand

  • The silicone gets dirty pretty quickly
  • Obviously, if you need more height and tilt, you’ll need a real laptop stand

These little pieces of plastic and silicone are a great choice if you want to raise your laptop up a little bit, but don’t want an entire laptop stand. They fit under the back corners of your laptop to introduce a very minor tilt that’ll work best to help you find a comfortable typing position. Obviously, if you need more tilt or height, check out the products above. However, some folks only need the smallest possible adjustment, and this product is perfect for those people.

MoKo essentially wraps some silicone around plastic, which means these things won’t slide around a bunch. They also come in a four-pack for roughly $12, making them a very inexpensive option. You can even use the other two for your keyboard or another accessory. It’s not a true laptop stand, but it’s something a little outside the box.

The bottom line: What is the best laptop stand?

The Twelve South Curve and Curve Flex are the two best options due to their sturdy structure, seamless design, and easy fit. The Curve is a single, one-size-fits-all stand that should fit most laptops without issue. Those who need adjustments can spend a few extra bucks on the Curve Flex, which offers a lot of the benefits of the original option along with a few extra customizations.

Twelve South Curve

Twelve South Curve

Editor’s Choice

$50 $60 Save $10

However, if those aren’t what you’re looking for, you can try out the Tonmom Laptop Stand for a more budget-friendly option and the MoKo Laptop Stands for a little out of the box thinking. The Birdrock Laptop Tray works well for couch and bed use, while the Macally Vertical Stand satisfies the folks who keep their laptops closed. The Cooler Master Notepal U2 Plus V2 and the Rain Design mBar Pro+ round out some great options for more niche use cases like travel, portability, and large laptop use.

Best laptop stands Elevate your working comfort with these laptop raisers image 2

How did we choose these laptop stands?

I personally own the Cooler Master Notepal U2 Plus, so I do have personal experience with at least one product on the list. For the rest of our recommendations, I researched by looking at online reviews, Reddit, YouTube, and other sources to see which stands people liked the most. Each product is also run through Fakespot to ensure owner reviews are accurate and not fake. From there, a list was formed that was looked over by Pocket Lint editors before I wrote it.

Are laptop stands worth it?

Yes, as long as you actually need one. Laptop stands help you position your laptop at its most optimal spot, which helps reduce neck, back, and arm strain. That means there are legitimate uses for one. That alone tells you everything you need to know. It’s worth having one.

Are vertical stands safe?

Yes, they’re perfectly safe. They won’t harm your laptop, don’t cause overheating, and the heat from the bottom half of your laptop won’t damage your laptop screen. The only risk of damage is the stand falling over, so make sure to get one with a weighted base to properly hold your laptop. That said, make sure to get one that lets your laptop vents breathe. Otherwise, your laptop may overheat and shut down.

2020 Cooler photo 8

Should I go with a laptop stand or a laptop cooler?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Laptop stands do help with cooling, since they’re getting the laptop off of the surface of your desk, but the main point of a laptop stand is ergonomics. Laptop coolers, on the other hand, focus entirely on cooling, but can introduce some ergonomics as well.

Thus, if you need something to hold your laptop in a specific place and angle, go with a laptop stand. If cooling is your larger concern, find a laptop cooler that also gives you some lift and tilt. There are plenty of them from reputable brands.

iPad Pro and MacBook Pro sidecar side by side

How does a laptop stand help cooling?

In general, most laptops suck air through the bottom of the chassis, across the components, and then they blow the air out of vents on the back of the laptop. Laptop manufacturers put feet on the laptop to keep them from sitting flat on a table or desk so that the laptop can pull air underneath. However, those feet aren’t very tall, and the heat from the laptop can heat up the desk, causing it to suck in warm air.

By lifting the laptop off of the desk, a laptop stand allows the laptop a virtually unlimited supply of cool, fresh air. That helps the laptop cool itself more effectively. That is, of course, provided that the laptop stand doesn’t cover the bottom vents on your laptop.

What is an Amazon “copy cat” product?

If you’ve surfed Amazon for long enough, you’ve likely seen a copycat product. Copycat products happen when a nameless manufacturer somewhere in the world makes a product that is slightly changed and rebranded by several different brands on Amazon. So, take the Tonmom Laptop Stand above. It is functionally identical to these products by KapStrom, BoYata, and Ivoler. There are probably a dozen others across the site.

They are slightly different in terms of design and color, but the base product is the same. You can buy the Tonmom or any of the other three products and get virtually identical experiences. Such products on Amazon tend to have a bad reputation. However, they aren’t all bad.

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