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Hot Toys’ Padawan Ahsoka Is Its Most Realistic Little Child Soldier Yet

Image: Hot Toys

Beyond the surprise of Ariana Greenblatt showing up during Ahsoka as a live-action interpretation of the Star Wars character’s animated youth was a really stark reminder Clone Wars never truly sold: holy hell, that is a little kid they gave a pair of glowsticks to and stuck on the front lines of the deadliest war the galaxy had seen in thousands of years.

And now you can be reminded of the Jedi Order’s hubris—via wallet-induced pain—thanks to Hot Toys!

The company’s latest Star Wars action figure goes back to the Clone Wars via Ahsoka with the Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Although Hot Toys has done several Ahsoka figures in the past—largely based on Rosario Dawson’s older version of the character, although one based on Clone Wars’ final season did give her a “realistic” makeover seemingly loosely inspired by voice actress Ashley Eckstein’s likeness—this is the first time the company has been able to do a version of Ahsoka during the Clone Wars with an official live-action interpretation to go off of.

And it’s really good, of course—Ahsoka has rolling eyeballs for posing, a synthetic body that hides the articulation in her uncovered arms, her original singular green lightsaber, and even a pair of goggles to go with the sandy base depicting the grounds of Ryloth, as seen in one of three key flashback moments in Ahsoka’s trip into the World Between Worlds. But really that accuracy and detail just really reminds you starkly and frankly just how young Ahsoka was during Clone Wars, and how truly evil the Jedi Order’s recalcitrance was in allowing itself to be thrown into Palpatine’s machinations so wholly and so willingly that it sent generations of children to go be snuffed out on the front lines of a horrific interstellar conflict.

But it does still make for a very cool expensive action figure. Padawan Ahsoka will set you back $255, and is currently due to release some time in the first half of 2025—a perhaps poetically accurate high price to pay for good little soldiers following their good little orders. Before the existential malaise sets in too hard, click through to see more pictures.

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