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Kick off the new year with $100 off the compact and powerful M2 Mac mini

Apple Mac mini (M2, 2023)

$499 $599 Save $100

Apple’s most affordable Mac just got cheaper thanks to a new round of discounts. If you’re looking for a mini PC that will breeze through any task you throw its way, then this Apple model is a fantastic choice.

When you’re traveling or out and about, having a laptop makes sense, but when you’re working from home (or just playing around), a mini PC is an ideal solution. Sure, a full desktop can be a great option too, but Apple’s models are rather expensive, so the Mac mini can be a solid substitute, promising Appple’s impressive power and intuitive ecosystem, especially if you have a sleek monitor to pair it with.

Why Apple’s Mac mini is a good investment

The Apple Mac mini M2 is a solid mini computer, mixing Apple’s magic into your daily routine for a decent price. Its next-generation M2 chip with 8 CPU cores, 10 GPU cores, and 8GB unified memory provides exceptional speed and performance, allowing users to quickly switch between apps, launch tools, and more. Whether you’re using apps for work or you’re just streaming Netflix, the Mac mini promises great performance.


Apple Mac mini (M2, M2 Pro 2023) review: M2 makes a powerful proposition

The Mac mini gets an update to M2 power, making it Apple’s most affordable Mac – as well as a cornerstone for a macOS desktop

Another highlight is the mini’s plentiful ports despite its compact size. In fact, there are four Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, a HDMI port, and even a headphone jack. There’s also an Ethernet port, so you can plug in your Internet cable. Since this is the M2 model, you should know you can only hook up two external displays. If you want to get the M2 Pro model (which is also on sale at Amazon for $109 off), you’ll be able to use that one with three monitors.

That being said, we have to mention that following our testing, you may want to invest in the M2 Pro model if you’re going to use the device for more intensive tools like editing images and video files, since the basic M2 may not perform as well. Either way, they’re both fantastic upgrades over previous models thanks to the Apple-specific chip.

One thing we can say about the Apple Mac Mini is that even though its design hasn’t changed in forever, it really doesn’t need to. It’s a stylish and minimalist device that will fit on even smaller-sized desks. So, if you’re somewhat convinced, we recommend buying while you can as these discounts are pretty rare, and we don’t know how long it will last.

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