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One of our favorite Kindles is $60 off for Prime members today

Amazon Kindle Scribe

$270 $330 Save $60

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is currently on sale for Prime members with an exclusive deal that’s slashing 21% off the price. This two-in-one eReader and digital notebook is a fantastic catch at this price.

It’s been a few months since Prime Big Deal Days, but Amazon is still keen to remind us that Prime members can still take advantage of special discounts, and currently, we’re seeing a pretty good deal on the Kindle Scribe, which is $60 off. It may not be the best price we’ve seen for the model, but it’s unlikely we’ll see a discount as deep as the one it had on Black Friday for several months.



Amazon Kindle Scribe review: Write on

Amazon’s biggest-ever Kindle can be used to read and write, and stokes the paper tablet bandwagon fire to new heights

As we experienced from our testing, the Kindle Scribe features a sharp display and a long battery life, which is something we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Kindles in general, and comes with the bonus feature of being an awesome digital notebook.

Why you should buy the Kindle scribe right now

The Kindle Scribe is an innovative gadget from the tech giant, and it’s the only Kindle model that comes with a digital notebook and pen. It allows users to write down their thoughts in books or a separate notebook, distraction-free.


Amazon Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2: Battle of the eReader/tablet hybrids

Amazon launched its first eReader/tablet crossover in 2022, but how does it compare to ReMarkable’s E-ink notebook?

One of the most exciting features of the Kindle Scribe is the fact that it’s a digital notebook on top of being an eReader. You can use the device to journal about your life, sketch cute drawings, take notes, and more. Users can even convert their handwritten notes into text and share them with their contacts through the Kindle app.

The Kindle Scribe boasts the world’s first 10.2-inch 300 ppi glare-free, front-lit display. This feature allows users to read and write as naturally as they do on paper, making it a perfect device for book lovers. They can even take handwritten notes as they read, allowing them to engage better with the story.



Amazon Kindle Scribe tips and tricks: 14 must-try features

If you’ve got yourself the biggest Kindle and a pen, there’s plenty worth diving into to make the Scribe do more for you.

Additionally, the Kindle Scribe allows users to import and mark up documents, making it a versatile tool for professionals. Users can also review and take notes directly on PDFs or create sticky notes in Microsoft Word. Plus, with the longest battery life of any Kindle, users can enjoy months of reading and weeks of writing on a single charge. Overall, the Kindle Scribe is a considerable upgrade from other Kindle models, with its unique features and versatility being its selling point. Add it to your cart now while this deal lasts.

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