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Procyan SOLGIT: a New Era of AI-Personalized Mathematics Learning

Procyan (official company site), an education startup, tries to revolutionize how mathematics is taught and learned globally. With a mission to close the global education math gap, Procyan introduces an innovative approach, using Generative AI (Gen AI) to tailor learning experiences to cater to diverse student needs.

Mathematics, often a struggle for students, presents a significant challenge to many. Procyan’s believes that 90% of students face difficulties in learning math, a sentiment widely shared if you ask around. Traditional teaching methods, typically uniform in approach, fail to address individual students’ varied learning styles and needs. This gap in the education system is what the company aims to fill.

At the heart of Procyan’s solution is SOLGIT, a Gen AI-driven math exercise generator. This tool breaks the barrier of limited problem sets, offering students endless exercises. This allows for continuous practice and mastery of mathematical concepts at a personalized pace.

A key innovation is SOLMI (product site), an AI math chatbot or “virtual tutor” accessible via Solmi-chat, a chat-like interface dubbed “Math-GPT”. Solmi is adept at interacting with students and answering various math-related questions. This interaction is crucial in identifying unknown learning gaps and addressing the often voiced concern that students don’t know what they don’t know (in math).

Procyan sets itself apart by developing its proprietary AI model rather than relying on existing models. This decision ensures higher accuracy in math problem-solving (according to the company). It allows the AI to progressively tailor its teaching methods to individual student data, enhancing the effectiveness of learning over time.

Users can get free initial access, but more advanced lessons are available through a $30/month subscription. This is a great way to entice and onboard new users while at the same time making sure their math level is appropriate for the paid service.

This model is notably more affordable than conventional private tutoring. Targeting grades 7-12, the application could theoretically support 104 languages, but initial rollouts will be in Korean, English, Malay, Indonesian, and German. After all, one must offer customer support, etc., in each language and/or region.

The business prospect seems promising, with a current market estimated at $2.5 billion and projected to expand to $88.2 billion. The startup has already attracted support from industry giants like Google for Startups, AWS Activate, or Bigbang Angels. In its search for investors, Procyan prioritizes those who align with its vision of elevating global education standards.

During our discussion, it became clear that while math is Procyan’s initial venture, the company sees vast potential in branching into other educational domains. This aligns with their broader aim of enhancing global education.

Procyan’s development of a proprietary AI model addresses a key challenge in math education: the need for accurate and specialized AI solutions. Popular models like ChatGPT often fail to provide precise math solutions, and many such Ais suffer from AI Hallucinations. If their model delivers as they claim, it could give Procyan a competitive edge against competitors who don’t have this level of expertise.

Procyan could spark a movement towards a more inclusive, effective, and personalized educational landscape. By harnessing the power of Gen AI for customized learning, the company could help build a future where every student can access and excel in mathematics, setting the stage for further innovations in the broader realm of education. This goal is akin to offering a personal tutor at an extremely affordable price, and we like the sound of that.

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