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Roku Pro Series TVs coming this spring with QLED

Key Takeaways

  • Roku is expanding its hardware ambitions with the introduction of the Roku Pro TVs, available in three sizes (55, 65, and 75 inches) and 4K resolution with QLED technology and Mini-LED arrays.
  • The Pro Series boasts a sleek design that can be hung up against a wall with an optional mount. Standing legs are also included for those who prefer not to wall-mount.
  • The main upgrade from the Roku Plus 4K series is the inclusion of Mini-LED backlight arrays. However, more specific details and specs are needed to fully understand what the Pro TVs offer. Expected price range is under $1,500.

A year ago almost to the day, Roku decided it would go beyond relying on partner TV manufacturers to spread its channels and software features around. It brought about original Roku Select and Plus series panels, boasting of their integrated experiences at aggressive prices. The market seemed to respond well to the company’s offerings – so much so that Roku is taking another step in its hardware ambitions, this time with its eyes pointed upmarket.


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Three sizes all at 4K resolution

The company announced an as-yet-to-be-defined slate of Roku Pro TVs. The early details are scant, but we at least know that they’ll come in three sizes – 55, 65, and 75 inches, all at 4K resolution – with QLED technology backlit by Mini-LED arrays with local dimming for enhanced contrast.



The Pro Series’ design is another point of pride for the company here, especially when hung up against a wall. Buyers will need to ask for this optional, specially-designed mount. Presumably, you’re still getting standing legs in the box if you’re not able to go down that path for whatever reason.

All of that is to say the only real upgrade from the Roku Plus 4K series we’ve seen mentioned so far is the Mini-LED backlight array. That series ranges from $500 to $1,000 and includes Bluetooth audio, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos with support for surround sound systems up to 4.1. We’ll want to see a few more specs on the table to know what we’re getting with the Pros for “under $1,500.”


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The post also touts Roku Smart Picture, an automatic tuning engine powered by content distributor data as well as (take a guess) machine learning and AI. The feature is meant to go out to all Roku TV models, but will presumably be seen on the Pros first. Select and Plus TVs already have some sort of automatic brightness adjustment, but owners might want to keep an eye out for a software update and do a little compare and contrast on how the feature behaves.



The on-board speakers on the Pros are said to produce a “wide cinematic sound.” The company released a Wireless Soundbar last year to go with the original Roku Select and Roku Plus series – not to be confused with the Roku Streambar devices for non-Roku TVs or the Wireless Bass subwoofer from 2022. There’s no mention of an upgrade on the auxiliary audio front.

You’ll be seeing Roku Pro TVs at US retailers sometime this spring.

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