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Samsung’s transparent MicroLED screen at CES looks just like glass

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung unveils a stunning transparent MicroLED display at CES 2024 after six years of research and development.
  • The display has a glass-like look and uses MicroLED technology to enhance the vividness of sports and movies.
  • The availability and pricing of this transparent display technology are currently unknown, but it may have potential uses in advertising.

While it’s true that the best thing about a great TV is that you can actually see what’s going on on the screen, Samsung has announced something that might just be one of the coolest unveilings of CES 2024 — a transparent display.


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The display in question is a MicroLED affair and it’s as stunning as you might expect. Samsung hasn’t said all that much about the display but it did share a short video of it in action — but fair warning, the music is definitely a vibe and it’s been filmed in portrait for reasons that are yet to become clear. We’re going to go ahead and blame TikTok until we’re told otherwise.

Six years of R&D

Samsung shared a handful of details about the transparent MicroLED display in a short press release in which it confirmed that it is the result of “six years of tireless research and development.” It also touts Samsung’s “superior craftsmanship,” as you might expect, adding that the display “wowed attendees with its futuristic design.” That much we can absolutely believe because while this video isn’t great, it does show us enough to know that we need to see and learn much more about this thing. And soon.

We’re told that the transparent MicroLED display has a glass-like look which explains its rigidity, and the MicroLED technology ensures that Samsung can promise to make “everything from sports to movies more vivid.”

According to Engadget, some of the display units had tinted glass on the CES show floor, while the whole thing was freestanding and had somewhat hologram-like qualities. There is currently no information on when this technology could be available nor how much it will cost, but considering that current opaque MicroLED TVs are far from cheap we aren’t holding out much hope for this being affordable. At least, not at first. There’s also no guarantee that such a TV will be marketable any time soon.


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Nor do we really know why this is something Samsung is showing off, beyond the sheer wow factor. We could imagine such technology being useful in advertising perhaps, but not so much in the home.

Still, it’s pretty cool, right?

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