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The biggest announcements so far

Key Takeaways

  • CES 2024 will take place from January 9 to 12 and is expected to attract over 150,000 industry attendees.
  • LG and Samsung have already announced their latest TVs and other tech products for the show.
  • AMD, Hisense, Lenovo, MSI, Nvidia, Panasonic, Qualcomm, and Samsung are some of the big brands to watch for at CES 2024.

Every year in tech kicks off with one huge show. Run by the Consumer Technology Association, the Consumer Electronics Show isn’t notorious only because it’s held in Las Vegas, city of sin, but also because it was designed to focus on the products you and I would use on a regular basis. CES typically reflects the biggest trends in technology at the moment and has the capacity to set the tone for the months to come.

The show has changed over the years, but it remains a huge gathering in the Nevada desert, where some really exciting new tech gets flaunted. It’s often the launch venue for terrific laptops, the best new TVs, and some great audio tech. So, with CES 2024 just getting underway, here’s what you need to know.


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When is CES 2024?

The official show dates for CES 2024 run from January 9 to 12. That said, we’ve already seen press releases aplenty in the weeks ahead of the show. You’ll see a lot of coverage already in the CES 2024 section of the Pocket-lint newsfeed.

Who is attending CES 2024?

CES is an industry event, so the public cannot attend. But anyone connected to the consumer electronics industry can apply for a pass. In 2019, over 182,000 people attended, filling the event to its limit. That included more than 4,000 companies and almost 7,000 members of the media. The CTA is expecting that CES 2024 will bring over 150,000 industry attendees, with over 3,500+ companies exhibiting.

What’s already been announced for CES 2024?

Members of the media have been taking pre-briefs from companies with CES floor presence for weeks before even the pre-show festivities were due to begin. You’ve already seen several bits of news posted to the Pocket-lint feed. If you haven’t, here’s where you can catch up:

TVs and accessories news from CES 2024

  • Before the ball dropped in Times Square, LG dropped its latest QNED TVs for the year, promising them five years of software updates. Also, LG’s new high-end OLED TVs are coming in their largest sizes to date. For a bit of prestige, the LG Dukebox speaker has vacuum tubes and a transparent OLED touch display.
  • Samsung, meanwhile, has its own 2024 series of Neo QLED TVs, OLED TVs. It’s also juicing up its lifestyle portfolio with a new The Frame TV and The Premiere wireless 8K projector. Speaking of The Frame, the Music Frame display-speaker hybrid may dole out both good sound and good looks.
  • Transparent OLED TVs are the latest fascination at CES 2024 and both LG and Samsung have them on display on the show floor.
  • Following up on the Roku Select and Plus series of TVs, the company is at it again with a new set of its own-make Pro series.

Computing news from CES 2024

Mobile tech news from CES 2024

Other news from CES 2024

  • Sports bra wearers take note: Garmin’s HRM-Fit heart rate monitor can attach directly to it — supposedly with some level of comfort. You may also be interested in the company’s refreshed lineup of Lily smartwatches.
  • If you need an Xbox logo stamped onto your toast… the Xbox Series S toaster. Thanks, Microsoft.

The real theme of CES 2023 is alternative realities photo 1

What else to expect from CES 2024

CES is the first opportunity for many companies to show off their products for the coming year – as well as show off future technologies. While it’s dominated by big brands, it’s also an opportunity for smaller companies to showcase either great inventions, or products that, quite frankly, may never see the light of day again.

AMD at CES 2024

AMD is rumoured to be announcing the Ryzen 8000G APUs in January and CES could be the perfect venue to kick off this conversation. The company often uses CES – probably to counterbalance Nvidia – so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

So far, the conversation here has been about new AI inference chips for automobiles.

Hisense at CES 2024

Hisense has been making waves in television over the past couple of years. The Hisense U7K has been a stand-out TV of 2023, and we’re expecting more Mini-LED action from the company at CES 2024 — particularly, the Hisense 110UX, a 110-inch Mini-LED TV which is said to have a massive 10,000 nits brightness. That’s not designed just to illuminate your room, it’s to give greater dynamic range to really punch out those HDR highlights.

The company also told us about an in-vehicle projection system and dishwasher all the way back in November.

Lenovo at CES 2024

Lenovo is a big exhibitor at CES, and we expect 2024 to be no different. We’re expecting a full range of tablet and notebook launches, as the company continues to explore the various form factors that bridge the divide between the two.

MSI at CES 2024

MSI may be the latest in the gaming space to introduce its own handheld PC. It would join an already-hot market with Valve, Lenovo, Asus, and others crowding in on stable consumer demand.

Nvidia at CES 2024

Nvidia likes CES, often kicking off its new tech announcements. That’s no different for 2024, with the company confirming that it will be hosting a special address from the show. It’s rumored that there are RTX 4000 Super cards incoming, so that’s something to be excited about.

Panasonic at CES 2024

Panasonic often uses CES to talk about its latest TV technology. It typically uses the show to launch its flagship TV and talk about other related TV technologies. I’m expecting Panasonic to use the event to talk about changes to the panel and processing technology.

Qualcomm at CES 2024

Qualcomm is delivering a keynote address at CES 2024 and we’re probably going to hear more about how growing processing power can serve AI and mixed reality applications.

Oddly enough, the chipmaker does have a product launch at the show with the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 SoC. The company tells us to hear more about it in Samsung and Google products.

Samsung at CES 2024

In addition to the Odyssey monitors, Samsung is already getting out word about its new partnerships with Hyundai and Tesla on smart auto integrations with the energy grid and the home plus a new vendor program for accessibility-minded gaming accessories.

We might still see new TVs out of the company as well as Galaxy Unpacked event teasers talking about the Galaxy S24… without explicitly mentioning the Galaxy S24. That show is set to happen later in January.

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