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U-tec To Launch Smart Home Ecosystem At CES 2024

U-tec is set to unveil U home, a comprehensive smart home security and automation ecosystem, at CES 2024. The platform integrates various smart devices, including the ULTRALOQ smart lock system, smart lighting system Bright, AI security camera Ulticam, and the Smart Plug & Switch, allowing users to create a personalized smart home suite.

U home aims to provide enhanced security features, including biometric recognition, cloud security, and bank-level encryption, ensuring real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, and data backup. The platform utilizes Edge AI technology to automate information delivery, streamlining scenarios and increasing efficiency.

The U home mobile app works as the central command center for smart home appliances, enabling users to control and monitor devices with a single tap; The app is compatible with ULTRALOQ smart locks, lights, plugs, switches, and cameras, providing simultaneous control and synchronization of multiple devices with a single command.

ULTRALOQ smart lock system

CES will also be the stage for another upcoming product from U-tec; we’re talking about Bright, the world’s first Wi-Fi Mesh smart lighting bulb without a hub. The Bright A19 1100LM offers innovative features, such as built-in Wi-Fi Mesh for convenient connectivity throughout the home, vivid illumination with 1100 lumens, and scene-based group control for a customizable and immersive lighting experience.

Key features include the built-in Wi-Fi Mesh system, enabling users to connect multiple Bright smart bulbs for enhanced connection stability, breaking the distance limitations of a single router, and providing a broader connection range for group control. The multiple mesh nodes ensure a consistent and efficient response from all bulbs, regardless of their position in the house.

In terms of brightness, the Bright LED Bulb stands out with an impressive 1,100 lumens, surpassing most smart bulbs rated at 800 lumens. This 11-watt bulb offers vivid illumination, making it brighter than the standard 60-watt light bulb.

Bright supports scene-based group control, allowing users to create and customize scenes for various activities. Whether waking up with a simulated sunrise, winding down with a sunset simulation, or adding vibrant colors for parties, Bright enhances the smart home experience.

The smart bulb also contributes to health and well-being, gradually simulating sunrise to ease waking up and creating a cozy atmosphere at sunset to encourage an earlier bedtime. Additionally, color-changing options make it ideal for matching the ambiance to specific celebrations or moods.

Bright’s versatility extends to notifications, as it can be set to change colors based on external triggers, such as turning blue for rain or red for an important email. The bulb is controlled through an intuitive mobile app, offering seamless customization and control.


U home’s smart devices support voice control through Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings, maximizing convenience. Additionally, U home devices will support Matter, an interoperable smart home standard.

Availability and Price

The new U-tec devices, including Ulticam, are scheduled to be available for purchase in February 2024, with Ulticam becoming available in June 2024. The pricing for the devices is as follows: $249 for locks, $12.99 for plugs, $22.99 for switches, $15.99 for light bulbs, and $69-149 for security cameras.  The Matter version pricing is yet to be determined.

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