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What is Netflix Games? How to play and which titles are available

Key Takeaways

  • Netflix Games offers a variety of mobile games to subscribers at no additional cost.
  • You can download and play Netflix Games on your Android or iOS device by following simple steps.
  • The Netflix Games portfolio includes original titles and licensed games, and all games are currently available on Android and iOS.

Netflix doesn’t just want you to watch Stranger Things. No, it wants you to play Stranger Things. Or, rather, Stranger Things: 1984. Or Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales. Or Stranger Things 3: The Game. Yes, you can play all of these titles and many, many more on Netflix Games.


How to find and play Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy on Netflix when it releases

Netflix Games has the exclusive mobile launch of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Here’s how to find and play it when it releases.

“What’s Netflix Games,” you ask? Why, that’s a very good question. Stick around, and we’ll detail what you need to get started.



What is Netflix Games?

Netflix Games is a gaming service provided by Netflix, offering a variety of mobile games to its subscribers at no additional cost. Netflix began to dive into mobile games a few yearss ago, making some big hires including Mike Verdu (formerly of Electronic Arts and Meta’s Oculus division) to helm a foray into commissioning titles based off original franchises like Stranger Things and Love Island. It originally launched its mobile gaming platform in select markets, but now, Netlix has launched its first games worldwide. The company announced a global rollout in November 2021.

Netflix Games can be accessed and played on mobile devices (Android and iOS) through the Netflix app. The service includes a range of games, from original titles developed specifically for Netflix to licensed games from other publishers, and it’s an added feature to the standard Netflix streaming subscription.


To play Netflix Games, you need to check or have the following:

  • Device compatibility: Ensure your Android or iOS device is compatible with the game you want to play. Different games may have varying requirements.
  • Netflix subscription: A current Netflix subscription is required. All games are accessible to subscribers of any Netflix plan, including the Standard with Ads plan.
  • Netflix app: Games are accessed through the Netflix app, available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Internet connection: An active internet connection is often necessary, both for downloading games and for certain online game features.
  • App store access: When you choose a game from the Netflix app, you’ll be redirected to your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android or Apple’s App Store for iOS) to download the game.

How to download and play Netflix Games on your phone or tablet

If you’ve been browsing Netflix (Android or iOS) on your phone or tablet, you will have surely noticed the app pushing mobile games to you with a dedicated carousel on the Home tab. And, surprise of surprises, there’s a dedicated Games tab you can visit to scrub and search through the entire breadth of the showcase. Peering into a specific game gives you the option to add it to your list, share the game, or get the game.

If you decide to get the game, though, you will be rerouted to your respective app store – whether that’s the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store – where you’ll see a listing page for the game in question. You’ll notice that the titles may refer to the game being a “Netflix Edition,” the thumbnails will feature a stylized red-and-blue border with the Netflix ‘N’ glyph shown prominently, and the publisher is said to be Netflix, Inc. In any case, this is where you download the game proper.

Once you’ve installed and entered into the game, you will see the Netflix splash screen animation and be prompted to select a profile with which you’ll play the game. Keep in mind how many devices that are signed into your Netflix account because this may affect your access into these games.


How to play Netflix Games on your TV

Netflix wants to be your game platform of choice.

Downloading and playing Netflix games on your mobile device is a straightforward process. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for both Android and iOS users:

For Android users:

  1. Open Netflix app: Launch the Netflix app on your Android device.
  2. Browse for games: Navigate to the Home tab. You will see a dedicated carousel for mobile games. Alternatively, you can go to the dedicated Games tab to explore the full range of games available.
  3. Select a game: Browse through the games and select the one you are interested in. Click on it for more details.
  4. Add or get the game: You have the option to add the game to your list for later or to get the game immediately.
  5. Redirect to Google Play Store: If you choose to get the game, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store.
  6. Download the game: On the Play Store, you will find the game’s listing page. Look for the “Netflix Edition” tag and the red-and-blue Netflix-themed thumbnail. The publisher should be listed as Netflix, Inc. Click “Install” to download the game.
  7. Launch the game: After installation, open the game. You will see the Netflix splash screen animation.
  8. Select Netflix profile: Choose the Netflix profile you want to use to play the game. Keep in mind the number of devices signed into your Netflix account, as this might affect access.

For iOS users:

  1. Open Netflix app: Start by opening the Netflix app on your iOS device.
  2. Explore games section: In the Home tab, you will find a section dedicated to games. You can also use the Games tab to see all available games.
  3. Choose a game: Find a game you like and select it for more details.
  4. Add or download game: You can add the game to your list or decide to download it immediately.
  5. Redirected to App Store: Choosing to download the game will redirect you to Apple’s App Store.
  6. Download the game: On the App Store, locate the game with the “Netflix Edition” label and Netflix-themed graphics. The publisher will be Netflix, Inc. Press “Get” or the download icon to start downloading.
  7. Open the game: Once the game is installed, open it. The Netflix intro animation will play.
  8. Profile selection: Select the Netflix profile you wish to use for gaming. Remember the number of devices logged into your Netflix account as it may impact game access.

When considering playing games from Netflix Games, it’s important to keep a few additional notes in mind. Firstly, compatibility is key; ensure that your device meets the specific requirements of the game you wish to play. Secondly, having a Netflix subscription is essential, as these games are exclusively accessible to Netflix subscribers. Lastly, an active internet connection may be required, not only for the initial setup of the games but also for certain online features that enhance the gaming experience.

Need more help? See Netflix’s support page for step-by-step instructions.

Netflix Into The Dead 2 Unleashed photo 1
Netflix / PikPok

Which game titles does Netflix Games currently offer?

The burgeoning Netflix Games portfolio has come to feature a mix of original commissions as well as other games it has licensed including the OXENFREE series and Kentucky Route Zero. It even nabbed the privilege of being the exclusive mobile launch pad for Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition in 2023. Some

You’ll find a handful of family-friendly titles like Country Friends, CoComelon: Play with JJ, and Hello Kitty and Friends: Happiness Parade, but they aren’t strictly categorized into a specific section for kids. The company has ambitions to make games available across TVs and computers, but as of now, all games are on Android and iOS.

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How much does Netflix Games cost or is it free?

Netflix Games are free to play with a subscription to any Netflix plan – even the Standard with Ads plan. Ironically, all experiences are free of advertising and in-game purchases. Netflix offers a range of subscription plans with varying features and prices. The most budget-friendly option is the Basic with Ads plan, priced at $6.99 per month.

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